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About Distinctive Cabinets

Steve Young and the Distinctive Cabinets team have designed and built over 4,000 cabinets for clients in the Charlotte area.


After taking over the business in 1997, Steve, with a background in Engineering and Industrial Manufacturing Technologies, quickly applied these principles to the business to allow it to grow into one of the premier custom cabinet shops in the area. 

We place a high emphasis on quality control, craftsmanship, and on-time manufacturing to allow us to outperform our competition.


It is through this hard work and dedication we are the preferred partner with many of the best builders and remodelers in the area.


Our craftsmanship has been featured in numerous Home-A-Rama houses, and we have been featured in Today’s Custom Home and South Park Magazine many times for our outstanding projects.

Diane Todd and Steve Young assist you through your design process.

Our staff also includes full-time CAD engineers, which allows us to provide the client with timely drawings and 3-D renderings throughout the build process.


This software is used in our computerized cutting and milling machines that allowed us to produce cabinet parts with extremely high accuracy. 

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